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We are a survivor led faith-based organization. Our purpose is to help bring awareness to the community regarding Human Trafficking, be a voice of the voiceless as well as connect victims and organizations together to help with rescue, housing, restoration as well as practical needs of victims. Our vision is to help put an end to this modern day slavery and see victims made whole again. 
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Take Action Against Human Trafficking, Tampa, Fl November 13-14 

Every month we will share the story of a survivor  of human trafficking. The purpose is to share that there is hope after trauma in our lives!

Leah Rogers - Author Game Over:  The Story Behind a Sex Trafficking Victim,

Leah grew up very poor with her brother, sister and they were considered lucky to have more than one outfit to show off in our elementary school hallways.  Leah would watch her mother endure physical and substance abuse daily.  After her mother got married they moved to California.  Leah's mother soon discovered she was being raped by the next door neighbor's husband and sent Leah to Arizona to meet her father for the first time.  She just didn't seem to fit into her father's new family he had already established with another woman.  She was awarded to the state after her father called the police for pulling a knife out on him after he grabbed her violently. She ended up in numerous foster care homes to suit my circumstances. Long story short, Leah began stripping to maintain a livable lifestyle in Arizona for her three children she had conceived during her years in Arizona.  It was there that she'd met an amazing guy.  
They started dating and it wasn't until he had her isolated during a trip to California that he identified who he really was.  He was a pimp.  A violent one at that.  
 He began demanding Leah to sell her body to uphold his "business" and reputation he had with being one of the most successful pimps in the state of California and Arizona.   She'd find herself numerous times in fetal positions trying to protect her body from the punches and blows to her face from the pimp.  The abuse began to get worse and just before she could try to plan a way of escape, she discovered that she was pregnant with his baby.She personally made a vow to God pleading for her life as a john hovered over her, raping me at gunpoint, she cried out, "God if you can just get me out of this, I promise I won't go back into this lifestyle".
 And boy he sure got her out of there. He sent her right to jail. It was then that she began walking into her destiny, by using my story to help other women from falling into the same trap she did.  Leah thought she'd never see freedom or have a normal life.  But God had other plans. She's now a survivor of sex trafficking and today yearns to help others still trapped in the industry, those getting out and the community by using her voice to prevent this from occurring to their loved ones.  Leah has now written a book called, Game Over:  The Story Behind a Sex Trafficking Victim,  released May 13th, 2015. She is now an advocate currently speaking and traveling on the road to spread awareness.
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