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Our purpose is to help bring awareness to the community regarding Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence as well as help the victims through the rehabilitation and restoration process in order to gain control back of their lives through partnerships that help with counseling, group sessions, clothing, job placement, practical needs, etc... We also help those that have been enslaved by abuse of ANY kind. Our future goals are to be able to help with housing and medical assistance. 
                                                                                       VICTIM2VICTORY CLASS
We will start virtual classes Thursday nights from 7-8:30 pm CST. If you would like to participate send us an email at so we can send an invitation to connect. The topic for April is "Redemption".
 If you have been abused either sexually, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and/or verbally then I encourage you to attend these classes. There will be great healing from the hurt, shame, guilt, and emptiness that can happen as a result of abuse. This is also an opportunity where women can feel safe to freely speak about their traumatic and painful experiences whether past or present without the fear of being judged or made to feel ashamed and all that is shared will be confidential!!! If you are interested in attending you can either call us at 901-308-7714 or email us at  

Every month we will share the story of a survivor whether it someone who is a survivor of human trafficking  domestic violence, homelessness, etc. The purpose is to share that there is hope after trauma in our lives!

Christa Hernandez, Founder of LYWYAA says "My childhood consisted of severe physical and mental abuse as well as sexual abuse. My father was a very abusive, controlling man. He was into communicating with the other side through channeling spirits in front of us and conducting séances in our home. My mother was absent through most of my childhood due to her fear of him. Throughout my whole childhood I was being groomed for an industry that would have me in bondage for 19 years. At 18 I entered into the sex industry for the first time and I didn’t find freedom until 37. I went from stripping to escorting to domination. I saw all the ugly parts of the industry.  I always thought I chose prostitution but that wasn't the case!
My freedom came from Jesus! Even after becoming saved I was still in the industry for 2 years. I had so much shame and was terrified to tell anyone from the Church my secret. It was in those two years that The Lord started lighting a fire in me to go back and reach women still in the industry. I got out and founded Loving You Where You Are At . We reach women working in the sex industry by going into their world and loving them right where they are.  We don’t go in preaching a message we just go being the message. We take a little bit of hope to them every month and offer our support. No little girl dreams of growing up and being sexually exploited. Something went wrong along the way.
If you would like more information on her organization, go to our "Resources" page.

Below are some of our partners. We welcome community alliances! We can't do it alone but can get much more accomplished TOGETHER!

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