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We are a survivor led faith-based organization. Our purpose is to help bring awareness to the community regarding Human Trafficking, be a voice of the voiceless as well as connect victims and organizations together to help with rescue, housing, restoration as well as practical needs of victims. Our vision is to help put an end to this modern day slavery and see victims made whole again. 
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Every month we will share the story of a survivor  of human trafficking. The purpose is to share that there is hope after trauma in our lives! 

Jerome Elam

Jerome shares "I was raised in the south and joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of seventeen and spent the next twelve years seeing the world. After my enlistment was finished I attended college and graduated to work in the Biotechnology sector. I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a survivor of child abuse, child sex trafficking and child pornography. I am also the child of an alcoholic and child survivor of domestic violence as well as a child of divorce. I have struggled against many things in his life and somehow have found a way to survive. Writing is my passion and it keeps me in touch with the wealth everyone holds deep inside their hearts and minds. I share my experiences in the hope that those suffering in silence will find the courage to speak out and share their voices. I have been blessed to have God reveal his purpose for me in saving innocent children from predators. I am a Staff Writer and Columnist for Communities Digital News.

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Below are some of our partners. We welcome community alliances! We can't do it alone but can get much more accomplished TOGETHER!

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