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Our purpose is to help bring awareness to the community regarding Human Trafficking as well as help the victims through the rehabilitation and restoration process in order to gain control back of their lives through partnerships that help with housing, counseling, group sessions, clothing, job placement, medical assistance, practical needs, etc... We also help those that have been enslaved by abuse of ANY kind.
Every month we will highlight an organization that is doing great things in their community - if you have an organization you would like to see highlighted email us at

UCAN is a nonprofit mentoring organization for middle and high school students. Our mission is to impact young adolescents through mentoring, personal development, and education which would bring forth growth in the community.
Our objective is to promote programs that increase personal and social development for school youth so they can experience greater academic success and lead a fulfilling life in the school community.
We noticed that bullying has become an epidemic in the schools and we are here to help change that behavior. 43 % of students have been cyber bullied and 2 out of 9 times middle school students have considered suicide from bullying.  Nearly 2,000 students were reported bullied in the Memphis City Schools in 2012-2013 school year. 
Students are hurting everyday and if we don't stop it they will continue and do worse.  I know for a fact because my brother was a victim of it and committed suicide at the age of 27. Bullying produces low self esteem, low self worth, and extremely negative personality or character traits. UCAN wants to help you today. Invite us into your school or organization so we can help prevent bullying in the community.  Let's stop and make a difference today!  Contact 901-262-8642 for more information.
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