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We are a survivor led faith-based organization. Our purpose is to help bring awareness to the community regarding Human Trafficking, be a voice of the voiceless as well as connect victims and organizations together to help with rescue, housing, restoration as well as practical needs of victims. Our vision is to help put an end to this modern day slavery and see victims made whole again. 
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The events listed below are not necessarily Ashes2Beauty events but are events coming up bringing awareness and education about human trafficking and are open to the public!


Take Action Against Human Trafficking, Tampa, Fl November 13-14 

Every month we will share the story of a survivor  of human trafficking. The purpose is to share that there is hope after trauma in our lives!

Summer Dickerson - Founder Scarlets Angels

Summer Dickerson was a rebellious teenager. She hung out with gangbangers and sold drugs. At the age of 15 the FEDS showed her mother pictures of her selling drugs so she was went to Chicago to live with her father where she continued to be rebellious. Thinking she knew it all, she ran away and as she was standing on the corner using the pay phone, a black car pulled up a man got out and put a gun in her back and her nightmare began. She was put in a car and taken to an abandoned house where multiple men beat her, raped her, sodomize her, and cut her in places that you cannot imagine. After escaping she was very hurt and angry and her life went on a downward spiral. As a result of that assault she became a stripper and was then introduced to prostitution. Summer had a pimp who almost killed her. Summer has endured being, sold, beaten and sexually assaulted. While on her last call a man put a .357 put to her head and she began to pray. Summer prayed, “God if you get me out of this I will get out of this lifestyle.” As a result of that prayer she found a organization called Scarlett Hope, located in Lexington, which helps women get out of the sex industry. Through the help of this organization she found Christ and on May 3 2015 she was baptized. She is now able to speak out at various events such as the 1st annual Scarlet Hope Tea were they brought sex trafficking awareness to their community as well as several others. Her hope is that sharing her story will be able to help others as well as bring awareness to this horrendous crime. Through Christ she is now on the road of healing from all her hurts.

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